If you are looking to shop for office furniture in Singapore, May Office offers an extensive range of workstations and computer desk furniture that will transform your home office into a professional-grade workplace.

First impressions count, as the office reception desk, create an impression on visitors in any office space. May Office Furniture will get you the perfect office reception desk that will help represent your business perfectly and professionally.


Office furniture selection is more involved than simply choosing something out of an online catalog. It’s essential to consider ergonomic needs, cubicle types or open space layouts, new versus used furniture, and where to buy it from.


Since most workers will spend many hours sitting in office chairs, it is important to test the chairs to determine that they can be used for hours without discomfort. Not all office workers are the same, so being able to test chairs along with desks is essential for determining the ideal setup.


May Office furniture is available in such varied and different styles that you’ll have no problem finding pieces that suit your taste and growth needs.