Tips to Effective Auditorium seating

Auditorium design is one of the most important aspects of an auditorium that probably has the maximum impact on the audience. The auditorium must be ergonomically treated and the seating furniture design must take into account the comfortability level of an individual.


Want to make your workplace more ergonomic friendly?

Whatever your job, you probably spend hours of the day sitting and performing routine proceedings. From sore wrists to stiff backs, these hours in front of a computer can wreak havoc on your body. Ergonomic friendly office with desks and chairs are all meant to keep your body in more neutral, natural positions. A quality ergonomic chair won't just make you feel good to sit on, but also it will reduce back and shoulder pain.


How to Design the Ideal Office

If you're an entrepreneur and planning to design a ​new office​ May Office Design in Singapore is

here for you.

However, innovating doesn't mean breaking down all the walls and creating a new space; the
design of an office must consider the needs and details of each work separately. So don’t let
square footage restrict you from creating your ideal office environment. Ahead, explore a range
of fashionably ​ system furniture​ layout styles so you can transform any corner of your office for
being aptly fit for your employees


Open Desk Furniture Is Essential For Growing Workspaces

The offices as we know it is evolving constantly. It has moved from ranked desks to the more informal, open-plan spaces. An open and flexible work environment is a vital asset that positively impacts the operational, financial, and cultural aspects of the business. Flexible office furniture can save time, effort and cost by functionally scaling with the growth of the company. 



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