Boost Employee Productivity with Simple Workspace Design

Workspace is a place to succeed with your team working together to achieve desired goals. And to make sure that everything remains furnished well enough to keep your people happy, healthy, and insanely creative. All you need to do is follow these below mentioned workspace design and quick tweaks to boost your productivity


How to feng shui your Home Office

Feng shui is a common practice while planning to design your home or office. Usually, people believe this art of feng shui in a workspace can help in increasing productivity, creativity, and even your monetary earnings. During this pandemic, 90% of employees are working from home. Hence, creativity is necessary to feel motivated while working at your home office.


How to Choose the Right Lounge Chair

A lounge chair is generally bigger than a normal chair. Lounge chairs can be placed anywhere in the house such as the living room, bedroom, library, garden, patio, or poolside. A lounge chair looks perfect in every space of your house.


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