One thing that should not be overlooked while planning an office is the quality and style of workstation and computer desk furniture used. Staff generally spend a great deal of time at their workstations and/or desks therefore if the desk furniture should be perfect. Whether you are hanging out in your home office or looking for the furniture for office premises it is important that the place where you and your employees work is not just designed to suit your office requirements but is comfortable to avoid any health issues that come from working at inadequate workstations.


Reception Desk Furniture

Normally the reception area is the first place that people see when they walk into your business or office hence you want to make a good impression off the bat. Having sleek and smart desk furniture will leave a good impression on you. No matter what the size of your reception area or the style you are going for, we have a wide range to choose from and if you cannot find one you like, then there is an option to get one custom made. The options of styles, materials, and designs are limitless at May Office so by choosing the right reception desk furniture, you will be able to make the strongest first impression without sacrificing the functionality and comfort for your reception desk staff.

Home Office Storage Ideas

With the spread of COVID-19, many people have suddenly started working from home. As the benefits and options from working from home have been made apparent, it seems that working from home may become the new normal. You can offer other forms of filing cabinets and keeping them organized and customized is a great way to keep the clutter off your desk, because clutter is not just annoying, but a cluttered space can also impact your productivity and has a negative effect on the mind. Working from home can already be a stressful and jarring experience, especially in a time like now, so give yourself the best possible chance to settle in by creating a space that not just is functional but feels comfortable to work in.