Furnishings and space layout play an important role in the success or failure of workspace design. Furniture alone won’t ensure a productive open office workspace. The Best Workspace Designs for all factors that affect productivity, such as comfort, noise, and ease in finding a space to work. 



Here are some office design tips that will boost employee productivity.


  • Consider your layout:


Before setting up your workspace, you must take into consideration the needs and challenges of you, your team, and your startup. You also need to know about your company’s culture, personalities, various working styles, and your budget. These considerations may boost your productivity and it is the most effective way to design your workspace.


  • Create opportunities for movement:


For starters one way to encourage your time to get up, you could place specific equipment, like a copy machine, on the other side of the office. You have to maintain multi-purpose areas where people can exercise. And you could also hold more walking meetings instead of planning in a conference room.


  • Soak up natural light:


Lighting can affect everything from the workplace so natural light is essential and can boost happiness. you can use mirrors or reflective furniture Or, you can purchase full-spectrum light bulbs that can mimic the appearance of natural light.


  • Designate office zones:


Maintain some various spaces in your workspace that are used for specific tasks. 


-Collaboration zones, that encourage your team to exchange ideas.
-Fun zones, like a game room, where everyone can come together.
-Quiet zones where people can take rest and think without being disturbed.
-Private zones where employees can work on their most essential tasks in peace.