Office chairs have been known to come in four and five wheel options. Have you ever thought about this or may have asked yourself already, what's the difference between these two? For those of you who have these questions striking in their head, let's take a second to review why an office chair has five wheels versus four and perhaps why you would want one over the other.



For Balancing


The first and probably most obvious answer is for improved balance on the floor. It comes down to plain physics - you're less likely to tip over an office chair with four wheels than an office chair with five wheels as it is more balanced.


For Strength


Another reason why office chairs have five casters is to improve the strength of the chair. With five casters or wheels, you're less likely to have the chair break. Individual seating should be strong enough to avoid health risks.


These are the two major reasons why an office chair would typically have five wheels versus four. If you're interested in checking out our selection of chairs, you can do so by visiting here. We do have a great collection of office seating- Mesh Chair, Leather Chairs, Sofa sets and many more.