Style and functionality are not mutually exclusive, and more often than not, both are needed to be successful. This holds especially true in an office setting. The office is more than where the employees work.


Unconventional Office Design

The working environment for most employees has changed a great deal over the last decade. Office workspaces swung from the impersonal isolation of the cubicle to open offices where everyone works in a shared space.



The technological explosion over the last thirty years has meant that people spend more time sitting at a desk than ever before. A walk to a coworker’s office has been replaced by texting and instant messaging.



There has been a significant shift in expectations on how offices should look, especially when it comes to colour. The days of dark wood and grayscale or beige colour schemes are over. Dull colours also dull employee engagement.



Environmental issues have shifted from being a company’s side project or charitable write off to be a way of doing business. A company’s green reputation can have a significant impact on their bottom line and customer perceptions.



Even in good economic times, smart companies will always look for ways to cut unnecessary costs. An excellent way to do this is to buy office furniture that serves more than one function. It doesn’t matter if it’s office furniture for large spaces or office furniture for small spaces, there are multiple options.


If you want to keep your business on the path to growth and success, then keep your office up to date. Your bottom line will prove it’s the right choice.