Productivity is often confused with the number of hours you spend at your workplace. The amount of work done in the office is really important. The flow of workday is something we do not have any control over that. 


To boost productivity at work employers need to leverage the power of the ‘desk effect. Here are few hacks to boost productivity at the workplace-


Go Green


Choose a plant that can thrive on how much sunlight your desk gets. Keeping plants on the desk is good for your overall well-being. Moreover, research suggests that offices with plants are 15% more productive. If your desk doesn’t get as much sun, opt for low-light plants.


Enhance lighting


Lighting can be a big issue for productivity. Too much light can make you antsy, and less can make you drowsy. Possibly arrange your office so that it can get the most natural light on your workspace without getting it directly on your screen. 


Take a needed break


Being more productive doesn’t mean working for long hours. In fact, if you’re not giving yourself enough breaks throughout the day, then you could be doing more harm than good in the long-term.


Allow employees to take naps


Let your employees take 20-minute cat naps. You can do this by creating a so-called nap room in your office with contemporary furniture. This helps the employees to relax and energize themselves again for work.