Bar stools are a kind of tall chair, often with a footrest. The peak and narrowness of bar stools makes them suitable to be used at bars and high tables in pubs or bars. Bar stools are trending over regular stools because they're practical, beautiful, and trendy.

Consider Height

When choosing bar stools or chairs, confirm its height matches your counter’s height. Start by measuring the peak of your bar counter from its top to the ground . The difference should be 300mm. This difference in height is what we usually wear on our dining sets and work desks; hence it’s a cushty height difference that we want. If you’re buying bar chairs that come with armrests, then do concentrate to the peak of the arm rests also if you would like them to be tucked under your island counter


Seat Cushion


Selection of Seat cushion depends on the time you spend on the barstools, you have to think about a barstool with a cushion or a padded seat for added comfort.


Back or No Back

You need to make a decision on a barstool with or without a back when shopping. Revealing bar stools will offer you a sleek and smooth look and can take into less visual discernment, which might be a critical thought with a little space, yet maynot be the proper fit if you spend most of your time sitting on the stools then choose a bar stool with back it'll be comfortable. Also, if there are young kids in the house, having a barstool with a back could also be a far better option for added support and safety.



When buying the bar stool select on the colour and material in order that it gets stirred with other furniture around it. Suppose If you're watching wooden barstools, consider the opposite wood furniture within the kitchen or room; it'll give the uniform look.


Buy only what you need


Do not be tempted into buying too many bar stools and find yourself cluttering them around your counter. Buy just the proper number of stools you would like, counting on the available space you've got to figure around with. And if you're throwing an enormous party, you'll always invite your guests to other equally stunning parts of your house.

The above following tips will help you in selecting the right bar stools.