If you are planning to relocate your workplace to a different place make sure to make the transition as easy and as painless as possible for your employees and your clients. Plan efficiently to relocate your office with minimum or no downtime.


How to make this happen? Here are a few tips for you by MayOffice-


Plan ahead


Planning ahead is key to a successful relocation of the workplace. With adequate preparation, it can be smooth and less stressful.


Decide on a relocation date


Put together a chronological plan of activities before, during, and after the relocation of the office to ensure success in achieving no downtime.


Set schedules


Make sure to coordinate between old and new offices and set respective schedules so everything that needs to be moved can be covered and managed without any damage.


Implement a timeline


In business, time is precious, so it is important to create a timeline and follow it to complete relocation on time to let the business not suffer. 


Move by phases


The best solution is to move by phases rather than in one go. Choose which department will be moved first and then work on moving the major equipment needed over there. 


Pick an appropriate time


Choose the feasible time to move office furniture and equipment which depends on the type of business that you do.


Hire office interior designers


If you haven't planned to mirror the layout of your old office in the new one, work with an office interior designer to design your new office in an elegant look.


Hire office furniture installation services

Installing office furniture will be the best option during relocation to save your time. To avoid downtime tap into the skills and knowledge of highly trained office furniture installers.