While choosing fabric and furniture, maintenance and durability factors needed to be considered. Fabrics that last for a long time and furnishings are appropriate for the activities that take place in the workspace.



Prefer the following tips to help ensure that you’re asking the right questions and choosing furniture that will last and perform well in your space.


Longevity: To increase longevity, always choose fabric for the back of the chair, and choose a solid coated fabric or vinyl for the seat to make it more cleanable and add longevity to it.


Double-rubs: Fabric is rated based on a test in which another fabric is rubbed against the double-rub test.This tests will let you know how long and how many rubs it takes before you’ll see surface-wear on the fabric. 


Finishes: There are also finishes that can be added on top of fabrics to make them more resistant to spills and easy to clean. While looking at fabrics, ask if there are finishes that can be added to enhance performance.


Renovating or remodeling your workspace is a big step, make sure to set up an environment that will thrive far into the future. After reading through these tips, you should feel more confident in your ability to choose colors and fabrics that will set the tone for your workspace, complement your existing architecture and hold up to wear and tear. Once you get an idea of the style you’d like to pursue, a furniture design expert can tell you the best way to execute your plan.