In larger spaces, event organizers prefer to arrange their chairs in rows. This kind of arrangement is ideal for conference speakers and presentation equipment, this ‘theater’ style approach can work very well for events with a large number of attendees. 



The first step taken while choosing the right seating arrangement for your event is to confirm your choice of event space and finalize the number of people who’ll be attending that particular event. 


If you have presentations and lectures in your event arrangement should be done accordingly. Equipment and furniture should be fixed and set up as per the attendees requirements as they will be also taking part in group discussions and debates. 


The theater and classroom style layouts work best when attendees will be listening to presentations and lectures. Hence, you should focus on the type of furniture used to make them feel comfortable. While boardroom setups are perfect when you want everyone to get involved and participate in the group discussions. 


Setting up furniture according to the audience requirements is really a hard task to do, ample of ideas and research is needed to choose the perfect furniture for your event to make that moment memorable in future.