Nowadays, open plan office design is getting popular amongst the office seating arrangement styles. But all employees do not feel comfortable in an open space, and if implemented without planning and proper arrangement, it can actually harm productivity and staff efficiency.


But, a successful transformation can be a major change in employees' productivity and organizational success. Hence, it’s essential to plan the transformation carefully. It will revolutionize the way your workplace works, but such transformation cannot be done overnight. 



Here’s our guide to making the transition successful, and a few tips to plan for and what to expect-


An open office plan aims to create a variety of working environments to suit your employee's needs and the tasks they carry out daily. In one open office plan workspace, you can zone and define specific working areas. For example, you could introduce:


-Create comfortable spaces for meetings and collaborative project working spaces for employees.

-Booth-style workspaces will work best for quiet phone calls or other tasks that need concentration.

-Breakout-style seating and coffee bars - which facilitate socializing, relaxation, team bonding all in the one space


The design of such a workspace has to be done very carefully. It can be challenging to include so much in one space and to define each area carefully and equip it properly with what the users of the space will need. But it should be done very successfully with the right design, choice of office furniture and plenty of input from employees.