Today, employees value flexibility, movement and autonomy; being able to individualise their workstation and the opportunity to work in more informal, flexible and collaborative zones. Modular Furniture has consequently become a key component in this age of agile working, and furniture designers and manufacturers are responding with modular systems that offer a breadth of possibilities depending on space, users and needs. This availability of choice – rather than a one-size-fits-all approach – also has benefits for employee wellbeing, company innovation and organisational change.

Healthier and happier workers are more engaged, efficient and productive. Modular furniture provides the opportunity for creating more individualised and varied settings that support diverse work styles and encourage a more dynamic atmosphere. And by giving employees greater choice and control over their workspace, it increases their comfort, happiness and performance.


There is also a strong connection between workplace design, innovation and business performance. A survey found that high-performing companies are more innovative, and innovative companies are five times more likely to have workspaces that prioritise both individual and group workspace.


MayOfficegives companies the ability to offer a greater variety of workspaces that are conducive to collaboration and can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.