Looking for an office furniture supplier or manufacturer that offers quality pieces and also assists you in designing your workplace. May Office Design is the best destination for you as it is the best furniture supplier and manufacturer in Singapore. 


May Office Design Production Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore since October 1990. They are one of the noticeable and prominent office furniture manufacturers and suppliers. We specialize in designing great office chairs, desks, training tables, etc as per the workplace requirements to boost the productivity of employees at a whole new level of ease and comfort. The office furniture from May Office Design also adds an exclusive identity to clients’ corporate image.



We aim to design office furniture that makes working in workspace a fun and friendly experience. We sell chairs in various varieties including contemporary furniture, workspaces, office seating, auditorium & public seating. We believe that more comfortable employees feel inside workspace due to our high quality designed chairs to support the needs, the more they will love their work and workspace together.