1. Reception desk

Reception desks seem more expensive than regular office desks but they play a significant role. It should be designed in such a manner that receptionists can sit comfortably and easily to be organized.


2. Desk with a coffee table

Don't let guests or visitors wait longer than 5 minutes. Adding a coffee table allows you to place a magazine on top for guests to read. Coffee tables provide a vital function that people can use while waiting around.


3. Plants for greenery

Planting a few plants around can create a sense of positive wellbeing. It’s also a great way to cheer up your reception area. Going for greenery is a safe bet because the majority of your guests are going to like the look and feel.


4. Comfortable couches

Reception areas that have the space for quality leather couches and chairs should make the investment to purchase them. This works in waiting rooms where only a handful of people will be waiting at a time. They are generally very comfortable so guests won’t mind sitting around for longer than anticipated. Also, they provide a classy look that might impress potential clients coming to your offices.