Many of us made the sudden shift to work from home amid the Covid pandemic. It’s been over a year now and while life is beginning to return to normal, organisations have seen the benefits of offering employees flexibility when it comes to work from home and Remote Working is on the rise so here are some tips to remain cool and productive while working from home.


Make a routine for yourself

Going to the office for a fixed time every day gives you a routine to follow. Having a routine in work from home will help us in prioritising our tasks. It will give us a shape in a remote working environment. Having a routine helps in reducing stress levels, improves sleep and has health benefits too.


Maintain physical and social boundaries


It can be easy for work and home to stir into one, but it gets difficult to stay productive when working and to switch off once you’re done with the work. Put on your work clothes each morning and consider replacing your morning office commute with a short walk. so it’s important you make an effort to maintain these boundaries when working from home. 


Balance work and family


Setting healthy limits during your work from home is another way to avoid burnout. Balancing work with family life can sometimes be challenging, especially with children. If you’re regularly disturbed and interrupted, an easy solution is telling your family that if the door is closed. You are in a meeting and don’t want any interruption.This way you’ll get the privacy you need to work productively and avoid any disturbances. It’s important to take breaks for an hour and to avoid spending the entire day sitting at work. Eat with your family or go out for a walk. It will help in balancing work and family.


Self-care is important


One of the issues with not having a regular routine or the structure is you can forget to be good to yourself. Take some time in your day to read, work out, walk, run, or engage in your favourite activities. Have something to look at on weekends, otherwise it can feel like all the days are the same. 


Reduce E-meet fatigue


We spend a lot of time on E-meets. Constantly being on camera can lead to fatigue. We can avoid E-meet fatigue by turning off the camera. It can ease the fatigue and can change our mood. Go for audio-only meetings when you’re working from home.

The above following tips will help you stay productive, motivated and happy while working from home. It will help in balancing the work and office. If you regularly work remotely and want to create the perfect work from home space, visit the MayOffice website for a high-quality range of furniture for work from home.