If you have a big meeting coming up. One of the major concerns should be on seating arrangements. There are so many different kinds of seating arrangements. Ergonomic Conference Table with ergonomic chairs put together a great overview of seating arrangements for your meeting. 


 - What is the professional seating etiquette? 

- Is there any ideal business seating arrangement?

- Does seating really matter? 



Here are few pointers mentioned below about the positives and negative's seating arrangement-




 -All of the seats should be facing forwards towards the front of the function room. 

- Maximum seated capacity should be achieved for the function room. 




 - The audience is closed in, needs to push past other audience members to enter/exit the seating area. 

- Aisles are required to ensure sufficient access to the seating area. 

- There is no provision for writing down notes or consumption of plated food and beverage. 

- Audience interaction is hindered if audience members don’t face each other.