Feng shui is a common practice while planning to design your home or office. Usually, people believe this art of feng shui in a workspace can help in increasing productivity, creativity, and even your monetary earnings. During this pandemic, 90% of employees are working from home. Hence, creativity is necessary to feel motivated while working at your home office.


Here are amazing tips for organizing your workplace:

  • It is essential to keep your office well-organized and use Feng shui products to create a delightful environment.
  • Clutter at the workspace hinders your concentration while working and it’s believed that disorganization can “drain and dampen your best intentions”.
  • Invest in suitable accommodation, use Feng shui items to make your desk look attractive, and keep other office essentials below the computer desks. For example, under-desk support is ideal for keeping your office essentials out of sight but still within easy reach. 
  • Making sure your home office stays neat and tidy so that you can work efficiently. Hence, I recommended keeping on top of cleanliness at your workspace. 
  • Choose a room with appropriate ventilation and place a few plants to enjoy the green look. A badly ventilated room that can seriously hinder your health and happiness, which can have an impact on your ability to work well. 

Hope, these are easy and simple hacks to enjoy working from home.