Auditorium room design configuration is one of the most significant parts of a theater that presumably has the greatest effect on the crowd. The auditorium must be ergonomically treated and the seating furniture design must take into account the comfortability level of an individual.  


Auditoriums are intended to suit enormous crowds. Along these lines, they will in general have wide ranges and are variously celebrated so as to oblige seating, sightlines, and acoustical necessities.

Here are some features of auditorium seating that include the list of applicable design objectives elements as outlined below:


  • Fixed seats with tilting upholstered seats and back.

  • Integral arm and tablet arm should be provided with articulated back.

  • The seats may be fully upholstered and seat shells with wood armrests with a tablet arm option.

  • It should give optimal comfort and an unobstructed view.

  • The auditorium chairs should be attractive, comfortable and functional.


May Office auditorium seating collection offers customizable features such as the Contemporary Furniture.