Sectional sofas are popular furniture choices for organizations having both small and big workspaces. They can float in the middle of an open space to break up the floor plan into separate areas or be placed into a corner to provide maximum seating without taking up too much space.




Which Arrangement is Right for You?


Sofa Sectional:


When you’re furnishing a more formal setting, a sectional sofa offers comfortable seating for entertaining guests. Everyone will have a defined seat with back support. Due to their L-shaped design, sectional sofas work well when placed against a wall.


Chaise Sectional:


A chaise sectional provides maximum lounging space that’s ideal for rooms primarily used for watching TV, reading or relaxing. Chaise sectionals can be placed in the middle of any room to give an elegant look.


Loveseat Sectional:


A slightly more compact version of the sofa sectional, a great option when you have a smaller space to furnish. The overall footprint of the sectional can be reduced by eliminating the third sofa cushion.


These above mentioned sectional sofas will be the best choice for your workspace to provide an outstanding look. If you are looking for the best quality sectional sofa, May Office is one of the best furniture manufacturers in Singapore.