Setting up a new office isn’t complicated but it can be extremely mundane and time-consuming work. Before designing a new workspace it is better to make a checklist of essentials needed to furnish the space. A clear checklist can help you prioritize your tasks and create a pleasant and productive working space for your startup. 


Let's talk about the essential steps to furnish a startup workspace:


Step 1: Measure up


After deciding what kind of furniture you need, measure individual spaces to get the correct dimensions of each room. When measuring space for a workspace seating area, make sure there is enough space for movement around the workstation so that employees feel comfortable and can interact with their team easily.


Step 2: Make a good impression


The furniture in your workspace gives your clients and employees a clear first impression of your business. MayOffice provides great-quality furniture that is clean, comfortable, and in tip-top shape. The luxury furniture you rent will give your visitors the right idea about your organization.


Step 3: Focus on employee well-being


Great furniture looks good as well as it makes you feel good. Design elements are most important as your employees spend approximately half of their working hours on the furniture. This may motivate employees to perform better and boost morale.


Step 4: Consider your workspace style and brand identity


If you are looking for serious, business-like workspaces with a more relaxed lounge area for a corporate office, or a conference room and chairs for a startup workspace will be a great choice for you, we have plenty of options available that fit with your requirement.     


Step 5: Choose the right fabric


According to the workspace, pick chairs to lend a luxurious look to a conference room, while poly linen, in a range of colors, is a comfortable, breathable fabric that is perfect for the bright office and lounge chairs.   


Don’t forget to consult with MayOffice when choosing the right furniture for your workspace.