Nowadays, the entire workplace design has changed. The modern workplace is not just a place to show up. It has become a thriving ecosystem combining elements of life, work, and play for its team. Private offices and boardrooms have changed into creative and collaborative centers, and high cubicle walls have been replaced with the open workplace. 


Many Modern Workplace Designs focus on improving employee engagement and productivity through optimizing collaboration, focus, and efficiency based on their shifting needs.

Here are some of our favorite key elements for modern workplace design: 


1. Reception Areas: 

The power of first impressions is critical, and the reception area of a workplace can set the tone for the entire experience. Modern workplace reception areas are inviting for both guests and team members to promote an accessible and friendly space. Recognizing receptionists are very often the office managers that keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. 


2. Interior Workspace:

This feature enhances one of the most important elements of the modern workspace which gives happier moods and higher productivity by reducing energy costs. Shifting the interior workplace to the center of the floor plan with natural light from the window line can be shared with even more team members. 


3. Glass Office Fronts: 

While the move to interior offices is the modern approach, if your workplace isn’t culturally set up for removing perimeter offices, it’s important to keep the office fronts as open as possible. If you have a privacy issue, you can go with window film or roll-up screens to keep the light coming in while maintaining some visible privacy. 


4. Open Office Layouts: 

The open workspace dynamic has defined the modern workplace. The open space design will support the culture of the collaborative and creative workforce, while also drive teamwork, efficiency, and transparency among teams. This layout will also provide high visibility throughout the space and eliminates the cube farm and dull, repetitive vibe. 


Every office environment is different, so be sure to Consult The Experts on which layout would most benefit your team’s productivity and company culture.