COVID-19 has officially swept the nation, and now work from home and home offices are becoming the new normal. Here at Mayoffice, we are the experts of office furniture and know what essentials for your home office-

From office chairs to desks, cabinets, and workstations, we can help you find the right furniture to suit your requirements. With the right office furniture, working from home will be best. 

Finding the right chair for your home office is very essential, as you are going to spend a lot of time there. Most office chairs will be comfortable for the first few hours but after that, they may cause discomfort throughout the day.  You should consider an Ergonomic chair to make you feel comfortable. Ergonomic chairs provide amazing comfort and will feel comfortable throughout the whole day.

A Flexible Desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture at your home office. The perfect desk will be a height-adjustable table. These desks are very versatile and give you a break from sitting down. In addition, standing desks also boost your productivity as it keeps you more focussed and observant on the task at hand.


Here at MayOffice Furniture, we have been helping many Singaporeans in designing their home office with quality furniture. May Office has everything you need for your home office. With us, you can design an efficient home office with quality furniture that will boost your productivity.