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Choosing Best Office Chair For Back Pain

Sitting in an office chair in a 9 to 5 job period can cause some severe back pain and possibly long-term back problems. So, to help you alleviate the pain from sitting for long hours, MayOffice would like to recommend you 40 different ergonomic chairs to find the best office chair for lower back pain and making good posture. 



Choosing the Most Comfy Office Chairs

There’s are lots to consider when it's about choosing the comfortable office chair, for self relax assurance, support & adjustability. As it is well understood that, with many of us doing work from home nowadays, either occasionally or full-time, therefore the importance of creating a productive and comfortable workspace where we live has never been greater.


Things to Consider before Designing a Waiting Room

Mayoffice is a company that specialises in furniture. We know you put a lot of effort into how each space is designed. The layout of your waiting room furnishings necessitates careful consideration. You want an inviting waiting room whether you run a corporate office or a medical practise. By providing a comfortable environment, you can ensure that clients and patients don't mind waiting a little longer. That won't be difficult at all if you follow our advice and use our office furniture options.


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