Designing a workspace is a stressful job and choosing the right office furniture will determine how comfortable your employees are while sitting on furniture. The right furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is an ‘office desk’. Choosing the right desks not only gives an elegant look but also gives you the liberty to express core values through workspace interiors.



Here are a few work desks you can consider for your office space-


1.   Single or Double Desks

Single desks are flexible and can be moved around easily according to the layout of your office.  Double desks allows you to maximize space and offer the added advantage of sharing resources.


2.   Home Office Desks

These desks are sleek and these units can be used as both, computer desks or writing desks. Some desks have open shelves and drawers to make storage easy and offer a larger surface area.


3.   Adjustable Height Desks

A flexible office table is an ideal addition to a modern workplace. They encourage better health, these adjustable desks are also available in a double desk design that can accommodate many people at the same time.


4.   Executive Desks

The clean lines and classy design of an executive desk make it the perfect fit for an executive office. Well equipped with practical add-ons for extra storage, these spacious tables can be used as workstations, in meeting rooms and even in recreational hubs.


5.   L-Shaped Desks

These unconventional office desks are a great option when you’re looking to save space. They come with drawers and shelves to keep files, stationery and other accessories. You can also personalize them with a potted plant or photo frame because now you have all that additional room to call your own.