Workspace is a place to succeed with your team working together to achieve desired goals. And to make sure that everything remains furnished well enough to keep your people happy, healthy, and insanely creative. All you need to do is follow these below mentioned workspace design and quick tweaks to boost your productivity


1. Divide Your Workspace into Zones


If possible, divide your workspace into zones.


-Create a place where people can collaborate, meet, and work on solutions together. 

-Where individuals can put their headphones on and slide into a state of uninterrupted flow. 

-Create another place where remote or new employees can set up shop immediately without worrying about the who-sits-where. 

-Allow people to move freely between zones.

2. Inspire with Decor

-Stick to your brand guidelines in your wall paint, furniture options, and decor.

-Using decor that inspires and motivates your employees by reiterating your brand’s message.

-Showcasing milestones and highlights of your company’s growth, and the people who contributed to achieving the same.

-Furnishing your office with high-quality products. This shows you’re willing to invest in your employees’ needs and comfort.

3. Lower Distractions:

-Installing inexpensive sound dampeners such as sound-absorbing walls or privacy panels.

-Placing phone booths in the office for quiet phone calls, and a break from the general buzz.

-Creating a quiet zone for employees to retreat to during a loud day. A quiet zone has only one rule no phone calls, meetings, or discussions allowed here.


MayOffice also provides free space planning so that your workspace is 100% productivity optimized. It’s easy to get started.