While redesigning your workspace space, planning and organize according to your preferences and avoid making the following mistakes: 


Add Flexible Furniture- 


Flexible furniture allows employees to swiftly transition from individual to small-group to large-group work, all within the same space. Opt for mobile furnishings that are designed especially for workspaces. 


Power Supply Furnishings- 


Many modern workspace furnishings have been designed with additional power needs. Tables that feature built-in outlets and USB ports to fully wired multimedia tables will be the best choice for you. 


Purchasing Discount Furnishings- 


You can refurnish your workspace purchasing alternative seating at discount stores. Although these scenarios provide economical options for making your space more comfortable and attractive. 


Considering Employees Choice


Consider your employees choices about what they’d like to see in their office. Introduce flexible seating arrangements that can have positive effects on not only behavior, but also on their productivity.


Changing to the structure of your office is bound to affect the way you manage it, but you can use your traditional techniques to help everyone to adjust. Modeling proper behavior and reinforcing it with practice will also help your employees to adjust to their new environment and help you maximize their potential.