After a long interminable 2020, the news of the vaccine brought a ray of hope and sparkle in everyone's eyes. This news is certainly quite uplifting and motivating for the many businesses that have had to close, then adjust to the 'new routine'. We can now make concrete ideas for whatever the future of work may look like.


It's quite understandable and natural for many of us to feel uncomfortable returning to the workplace after spending much of the year working from home, also it's very important for the business to understand and take all the necessary safety measures to ensure their safety. In this blog, we are throwing light on a number of design trends that will be usual in COVID-safe office environments from now onwards.


More cozy 'comfortable' style


The current scenario has made all of us accustomed and habitual to comfortable surroundings. This is the reason post-COVID office designs should have a comfortable environment with more cozy, flexible styles, to create serene surroundings. For making it comfy and cosy we can use Lounge Chairs which ensures both comfort and perfection at the same time. Also there are many more options available according to the distinct choices of people.


Assisting employees back to work

Almost all offices will differ in appearance from how they looked before March 2020 – it will take some time for people to get used to it and make them feel comfortable. The first and foremost thing to be considered is the adaptation of the employees to the new environment smoothly which itself talks about how the workplace should be in order to adapt it quickly. We can manage our workspace by giving it both coziness and elegance at the same time. May Office provides you with the best solution to it