With employees spending over 45 hours a week sitting at their desks, it is the most important thing to choose the right office chair. But what are those parameters that define a good office chair? 



Selecting a Perfect Ergonomic Office Chair


Choosing the right office chair for your body is crucial for both your health and work productivity, so what makes up the ideal office chair?


Adjustable seat width and height: The height of an office chair should be adjustable so that it allows you to adjust it accordingly.


Lumbar support: Your chair should have an adjustable back that curves to the shape of your lower back. It improves your posture and also prevents you from slouching.


Adjustable armrests: So that it allows you to rest your elbows. 


Comfortable Seat material: Soft cushioned seat material to support your weight evenly.


Swivel: An office chair should easily rotate so that we can move to reach things easily.


These features are designed so that it provides comfortable experience, encourages good posture and reduces back problems.