Whether you're buying a single office chair or multiple office chairs, essential points to consider are the ergonomic adjustments that are available with those chairs. Before buying an office chair consider the following armrest adjustments available to you-


Armrest Height


Armrest height is one of the most common and essential ergonomic chair adjustments. The chair should be able to set the height of your armrest can prevent discomfort and injury.



Armrest Width & Pivot


Not all office chairs have adjustable armrests so these chairs can help with you with the upper back. This is usually controlled by pushing a button or a simple knob, allowing you to tilt your armrests inwards or outwards to varying degrees until you feel adjusted to your comfort level.


Non-Adjustable Arms


Most of the store’s office chairs are targeted towards the budget-oriented shopper. These chairs don't feature adjustable armrests, so keep these things in mind while shopping around. It is definitely worth the investment if you sit in your chair for long periods of time.

These office chair adjustments are helpful to you while buying chairs to keep them in your mind. If you're looking for more information on the other types of ergonomic adjustments, check out our guide on how to choose the best ergonomic office chair