Designing your workspace within budget and without compromising with the quality is one of the hardest jobs to do. Here are few tips to design your office in your desired budget and achieve productivity-


Interior Design:


The term interior design seems to be very expensive but you can design your office interiors best with cheap price products like painting, wall hangings, showpieces, and vases. Yes, the interiors give an elegant look to you only because of combinations with colors and walls not more than that.


Motivational Paintings:


Use phrases and images that promote happiness, hard work, positive thinking. When your employees will see these paintings and quotes they imbibe the emotions behind these motivational posters. This is not costly all you need to do is find high-quality pictures on the Internet for free and take a print out of them and frame them.


Use natural materials:


Using the glimpses of nature inside the workplace can make a lot of difference to the psyche of the employees as nature makes them feel refreshed and peaceful. You can use live plants in places such as reception areas, employee desks, meeting rooms, conferences and so on. 


Use functional items:


Avoid using non-functional stuff. Sure, there might be a lot of space in the office, but you need to incorporate stuff to add value to its presence. It will increase the ambiance of the workspace and boost up employees to enhance productivity.


Adding the right upholstery:


Fabrics are a big part of office furniture. There is so much can be done with the plethora of fabrics that are available in the market. You can change the entire office setup just by adding the right colors. combinations. You can add fabrics in the chair, lounges, executive chairs, and other office seating furniture.




While implementing all these things, ensure that there is still space to walk around and let the employee feel comfortable. The office space should be incorporated with a lot of positivity and enhance your workspace look.