A breakroom is pretty much more than a space-room for the employees, to not only spend the minor break to stretch, relax, sit and eat the snacks during break time. Indeed it’s a kind of an office getaway to chill out a while for being mentally relaxed. A break-Room is a space for all the co-workers to gather together to do mutual chat, make a little light noise in groups and chill out. All workers certainly need the time in the middle of their workday to get their mind off the job for a while and relax a little, and being in a breakroom that’s inspiring and relaxing is the most suitable way to get recharged and minds reenergized for the afternoon to come.



A Creative & Productive Workspace is a key to an employee friendly Break-room


A breakroom is a space where the workers come together to get refueled, relish the downtime, sit down, talk to each other and relax. And thus, having quality breakroom furniture is still quite essential. It allows the staff to have a pleasant, friendly & lovely experience while they are there for enjoying a break or eat their break-time meal. Here the best part is that the price and quality of the available breakroom furniture (chair, table, slabs, & so on) cover a wide range of cost-friendly budgets. And for small businesses/startups on a budget, this is indeed good to know. The genuine key for setting an ideal breakroom is identifying your budget for the furniture and keeping sticking to it until you find what your budget can afford. The breakroom furniture furnishing on this list is a great example of the varied style and price pointers available in the market nowadays. With that in mind, take a look at some of the options.

Thus all you can say is that a break room is not simply somewhere only to grab lunch and spend some quality time on your smartphone doing tweets & so on. A breakroom is a place to stretch out, relish a well-earned escape during your work-time, and join the colleagues on the personal one-to-one communication. Indeed a breakroom can be said a space where all overworked brains, strained eyes; get an invaluable opportunity to power down during office tasks, which is a kind of critical part of managing a crazy work schedule and staying productive throughout the day.


Alright let’s figure out a little what are actual essentials for a Break Room Design

The very first question that strikes up the mind for designing an ideal breakroom is that, “What kind of tables should I go for designing my office breakroom?” You know what, it is a question we always think of when it comes to cafeteria design. The size of the breakroom and the number of employees you need to accommodate will be beneficial as the major factors for determining what type of tables you have to or are supposed to go for break-room. For instance, if you’re trying to outfit a large breakroom that needs to accommodate 100 or more people, needless to say, your options are pretty endless. MayOffice recommends you to use a mix of small and large tables in standard and café heights; This will provide your employees with what they want the most—a choice. Suppose you’re working within the confines of a smaller space, and your options are a little limited. Here we recommend going with round tables which would make even more visual space in a room, but guess what, you should still provide tables in both standard and café heights to allow your employees to choose their preferred spot to sit. Coffee and corner-end tables can also be a smart choice for any lounge area that could use a taste of home.