If you ask a business person or desk-bound fellow only to determine or predict how much time they spend in their office chair, they would be surprised. At the rate of 40 hours/week, they would rack up approximately 1900 hours per annum; Multiply this by the average number of years a person works in the office, and yeah, it's easy to guess that an average office person spends more than half of his life by sitting on an office chair. Despite this calculation, according to a study, more money is often spent purchasing a desk than investing in the office chair. Thus the same thing applies to home office setups. As per recent studies, some people are fond of spending more time in front of a computer either working or doing extracurriculars than spending time on the bed. All that makes sense is to have an office chair for both the office & home that is not only comfortable but also supportive for your backrest. 

The best home office chairs are built to support your body and therefore reduce aches and pains.


Why To Go For Office Chairs

Office Chairs Singapore

There are many benefits of having an ideal office chair in addition to having less back strain; A good, supportive office chair prevents fatigue and discomfort that comes up during sitting in the same chair for several hours by shift end. Studies show that comfortable employees are more productive and contribute more professionally to a work environment than less comfortable employees. All you can say, having the correct, comfortable office chair helps to reduce the number of breaks the employee seeks to take because of being uncomfortable.

The thing is that there are several key factors to consider out, when you’re deciding what office chair you are supposed to buy; Such as second thoughts about buying costly chairs, budget management, determining the need of kind of chair, ensuring formal considerations for buying a professional comfy chair, etc.


  • An ideal consideration when buying an office chair for your office/home is first to decide how much you want to spend because lots of other key factors and decisions will directly or indirectly relate to your default budget. An alternative route the budget-conscious may wish to consider is buying a second-hand chair; This might sound a bit tempting to go with the high-end office chairs which can be very costly, simply because you can get them at far more reasonable prices without a doubt. While second-hand chairs, your budget will go a lot further, and those premium chairs are built to last a long time, so having some miles on the clock may not matter much to your fitness (Quality matters).

  • Here a question arises...

    What kind of chairs should go for, Office chairs are a part of the décor of the office workspace & so many people try to make sure they look good without worrying about the health influences of the chair. The design, quality, & ergonomics system of the chair should be prioritized above everything else.

  • Another major consideration is, naturally enough, the type of chair you want. There are many different designs, and your workspace might dictate some requirements in this regard. For example, do you have very little space and a small desk? Or maybe even a standing desk? If so, there are compact task chairs, or even stool-type seats, which will be your best bet in this case. There are also chair designs that don’t have armrests and may not have a headrest. Are these elements important to you? You need to bear all these kinds of considerations in mind when selecting the right chair for your particular needs.

  • Need for ergonomic considerations

    an ergonomic office chair means a chair that offers a whole range of various adjustments for every different part, and one that’s designed with ergonomic performance. Ergonomic models will go much further and allow for adjustment of the positioning of sitting accordingly. In other words, with these comfy chairs, you can tailor the seating position to your personal needs and body shape. Often ergonomic models benefit from clever design touches and technologies, too.

  • Some chairs may have it as an optional extra, and it’s well worth the additional; because the positioning of your back is crucial when it comes to a comfortable seat, so the ability to change the backrest to better accommodate your lower back is a feature most definitely worth having if at all possible. Some more expensive chairs, like the Freedom we just mentioned, may even have a self-adjusting mechanism for the backrest.


Office chair comfort is subjective. By observing the opinions of people, surveys with ranging shapes, sizes, and preferences, you may find out which chairs can be preferable by most. Obviously, not all the chairs on our list will be comfortable options for everyone.