The right chair will have a positive impact on mood,productivity, and overall health. Think about investment in high-quality mesh office chairs for your new workplace area.


Have you ever experienced a sticky back after a long day in the office? Mesh office chairs can leave your back nice, dry and well ventilated. Mesh upholstered chairs have come into prominence over the last 10 years and are the preferred choice of many office workers.



The mesh material allows for heightened ventilation and breathability by allowing air to flow through the chair to you while seated. This is a revolutionary advantage over traditional fabric or leather chairs which often restrict airflow, causing warmth and discomfort. The added ventilation also reduces the chance of unwanted odours.



The woven material and absence of thick padding allows the mesh to take the shape of your back assisting both comfort and back support.



Mesh upholstery is more cost efficient than fabric or leather upholstery. It is also likely to last longer, as its tightly woven fabric is less likely to rip or tear and there’s no padding that can lose its original shape. Cleaning and maintenance is really simple too, a wipe over the mesh with a damp cloth is all that’s required.



Finally, when you’re ready to say goodbye, mesh chairs are a more environmentally friendly option as they are manufactured using significantly less material.



With so many benefits there’s no wonder mesh seating has become such a popular option. Take a look at some of our favourite mesh ranges