Been used to the WFH schedule? Still struggling with aligning the physical aura along with the task timetable.  


Get knowing about the importance of office chairs for WFH


Initially, working from the comfort of our homes seemed like a great idea. However, some of us don’t have a proper home office setup as the scheduling has started causing some problems. Still, most of us may not have a designated workspace at home & which has ruined our posture. Sitting in bad postures may cause severe muscle spasms & pain in the neck and back; Many of us sit on couches while working on laptops. Conclusively the posture may cause physical unrest and impact the body. You can make some simple adjustments to your workstation at home to decrease the stress and discomfort caused by poor posture.


Reasonable Challenges cum Factors During Sitting in Chair in WFH

Thanks to COVID19 (no offense), we have been struggling/enjoying the work-from-home scenario for a little longer than one could've expected. But what the worst part is? The fact that we have no workstation & mostly waste our time lounging wherever we find space at home.

 “Being in the office meant that we could move about a little, be it to visiting the cafeteria or a colleague’s desk.”

Here we go with a few following usable for dealing with sitting postures.


  • Angle Adjustments: To maintain a proper posture you need to maintain a 90-degree angle between your upper arm and forearm. Also, the center of our laptop screen should be placed at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees below our eye level.

  • Position your head approximately an arm’s length away from the screen; also do not sit for more than an hour at once, take a break of at least 10 minutes per hour of sitting (keeping the correct posture is important therefore align your head above shoulders and hips when sitting).

  • Remember while you cross your legs, you tend to slouch more & the C formation wrecks your posture, leading to back pain.

Chair with the Armrest: A chair with an armrest will automatically maintain the angles that I have suggested for your arms. 


Conclusive Takeaways

Indeed It might be a little challenging to change long-established habits of poor sitting posture. After more than a year of remote work, several businesses are beginning to reopen their offices from a fresh end. Even some of us are opting for a hybrid work arrangement(due to COVID19 restrictions).

When initiating it may help to set automatic reminders to check the posture. A traditional office chair is created & crafted to provide complete back support, these options can help to promote good sitting posture without any back support. Furthermore, having a poor posture in sitting, perhaps won’t have more than a marginal effect on the physical and psychological well-being; whereas failing to fix the poor posture over time, especially if you spend several hours a day just on a simple chair.